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Ray Charman

Managing Director

Ray Charman has more than 20 years experience in the concrete industry. Upfront, honest and intelligent Ray innately knows what the best solutions are for his customers. He works alongside customers offering personal solutions to each and every site saving them time and stress.

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Tanya Charman

Sales Marketing Administration

Tanya's background was in international sales and marketing in Tourism before joining the Concrete Logistics team.

Tanya is responsible for all sales bookings, marketing, administration, HR, and events. 

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Jenny Dennis


Jenny's role is to manage all account queries including accounts payable and accounts receiveable.
Jenny is Irish so offers lively banter in the office with staff and customers.


About the Team

Professional Experts By Your Side


Nathan Ludlow

Pump Operations Manager

Nathan has more than 22 years experience concrete pumping having worked in both New Zealand and Australia. He is a reputable operator with extensive knowledge in mobiles, statics and high rise pumping solutions. Nathan leads our concrete pumping team.

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Jeffrey O'Brien

Compliance Manager

Jeff is an experienced and energetic team player. His strengths include relationship building, communication, and financial management.  Jeff has worked previously for Hirepool, Orcon, and Fonterra. Jeff is responsible for our system upgrades, H&S responsibilities and updates.

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Lauren Williams

Health and Safety Manager

Lauren joins us at Concrete Logistics to assist with managing our ongoing Health and Safety requirements. Lauren has completed 7 Health and Safety courses to date and is aiming to achieve her NZ Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice. Lauren is a bubbly organised young woman and has effortlessly assimilated into her role.


About the Team

Professional Experts By Your Side


Murray Lamont

Senior Pump Operator

Murray is a valued senior member of our pump crew who has extensive pump experience in both Australia and New Zealand. Murray's pump specialty is high rise pumping. Murray has high work values and is a hard worker.


Lex Danielson

Senior Concrete Foreman

Lex is well known in the concrete industry with over 30 years experience in the trade. Lex has excellent knowledge of placing and finishing concrete. He sets high standard for himself and those he works with.


Frejoy Calapre

Concrete Foreman

Frejoy is a Concrete Foreman. Frejoy was one of our first Filipino staff members and had proved himself since arriving in New Zealand. He is a well respected member of the team and is a natural leader.